The Colorado Environmental Coalition unites Coloradans to protect our natural heritage and quality of life. Every year, the Coalition mobilizes thousands of organizations and individuals who, like you, care deeply about Colorado. From soccer moms to steelworkers, from students to ranchers, from commuters to backpackers enjoying the world-famous Rocky Mountains, the Coalition’s membership is as diverse as our state.

The Colorado Environmental Coalition is the largest state-based citizens’ group committed to conserving our clean air, water and open spaces for generations to come. By strengthening the effectiveness of Colorado’s environmental community, the Coalition has a legacy of success for our state’s wild places and quality of life. With the help of our thousands of members across the state who recognize that the economic value our wild places offer is as important to Colorado as the spiritual fulfillment these public lands provide residents and visitors, the Coalition is a powerful voice for our state.

The Coalition has played a vital role in protecting Colorado’s land and water from harmful mining, logging, road construction, pollution, dam building and other environmentally damaging activities. With 19 staff and field offices in Denver, Grand Junction, and Craig, the Coalition is active across the state.

The vast majority of Coloradans support stronger protections for the environment. The Coalition is here to make sure that citizens’ voices are heard in the debate – so that lawmakers, government officials and industry representatives all know that people care about the wild places and open spaces that make so Colorado unique.