Why does Comic Relief exist?

Comic Relief is seriously committed to helping end poverty and social injustice in the UK and poorest countries in the world.

We do this by:

* raising money from the general public by actively involving them in events and projects that are innovative and fun.

* informing, educating, raising awareness and promoting social change.

* allocating the funds we raise in a responsible and effective way to a wide range of charities which we select after careful research.

* ensuring that our Red Nose Day fundraising costs are covered by sponsorship in cash or in kind so that every penny raised goes to charity.

Comic Relief was launched in 1985 from a refugee camp in Safawa, Sudan. Since then, over £337 million has been raised primarily through Red Nose Days, for some of the poorest and most vulnerable people across the UK and Africa.

We`re committed to supporting long-term projects, helping people to help themselves. It`s about giving people a leg up not a hand out.

We also aim to tackle the root causes of poverty by raising awareness around some of the key issues, such as unfair terms of trade and debt relief.