The CBF aims to help build relationships by creating networks between local communities and business. At the centre of this network are local NGOs, who are in a position to identify and address the priority social and economic issues in their villages.

Our mission is to develop effective cross-sectoral collaboration between business and communities, to further encourage sustainable, economic and environmental benefits in Kyrgyzstan. The CBF plays an important role in monitoring and advising businesses on their social and environmental impacts. CBF is initially focussing its work on one of the largest businesses in the country, Kumtor Operating Company.

To help facilitate this the CBF acts as an information resource making information more accessible to the interested parties and promoting constructive dialogue. The CBF also encourages the development of models, initially with Kumtor in the Issyk-Kul region. It also highlights examples of best practice that can be replicated in the area.

The main focus of CBF`s work is with the Kumtor Operating Company [KOC] and the neighbouring communities in the Issyk-Kul and Naryn regions. The Kumtor gold mine is one of the largest businesses in the country. The mine has large and widespread social and environmental effects, and is therefore a good test case for how businesses in Kyrgyzstan may be able to bring sustainable benefits to surrounding communities.