Location: Waterloo, Iowa, United States
Issue Areas: Energy Policy, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Urban Power

It’s time to chart a new energy future. We can declare energy independence and utilize available technology to improve energy efficiency and invest in clean, renewable, home-grown energy generation.

The State of Iowa, and the entire Midwest, is uniquely positioned to benefit from this change. Our abundant biomass resources, coupled with a fierce wind, place us in an economically advantageous position to supply the energy needs of the country in the 21st century and beyond.

Yet, coal-fired power plants are being proposed across our beautiful landscape. The citizens of Iowa cannot leave our energy future up to out-of-state coal interests. Whatever we want our energy system to look like in fifty years, we must design it today.

We must speak up, and stop the coal rush being promoted by Big Coal that will make us dependent on their dirty fuel for the next half a century. As citizens of the State of Iowa, the Midwest, and the United States of America, all of us must make our voices heard in our local community, to our state legislative and regulatory bodies, and to our national elected officials.

Community Energy Solutions is a grassroots non-profit organization created by ordinary citizens who found a coal-fired power plant proposed on our doorstep, researched the issue, and decided that the future doesn’t have to be blotted out by emissions from a coal stack.