In addition to having abundant wildlife and unspoiled forests, Cook County includes many of Minnesota’s most beautiful and pristine lakes; many are developed, some are not. Although many of the developed lakes have active, effective lake associations that serve local interests, need for a county level coordinating and advocacy organization was recognized several years ago The CCC Board, which includes representatives from the major lakes, was created in 1994 to meet the need. The CCC mission is to preserve and protect the unique character of the area and to encourage member participation in County activities.

In 1994, representatives from many of the local lake associations formed the Cook County Coalition of Lake Associations (CCC). The CCC was created to provide an effective, focused means of advocating for lakeshore property owners. The intent is to ensure that CCC member opinions are considered in local and state agency (e.g., Cook County Commissioners, USFS, DNR) environmental, service and fiscal decisions and actions.

Volunteer officers and board members govern the Coalition, which currently represents nearly 1000 property owners. The CCC operates with a very modest budget that primarily covers annual newsletter publication plus other mailings.

Since formation the CCC has identified and addressed many issues important to lakeshore property owners. Examples include: 1995 member issue survey, solid waste handling, need for a Board of Commissioners newsletter, jet ski operation concern, OHV trail plans, emergency communication management, water quality concerns, property valuation/tax assessment regulations and procedures and a commissioner candidate forum. In so doing, effective working relationships have been established with the Commissioners, Planning and Zoning Office, Assessor’s Office, Water Planning Office, Emergency Management Office, Volunteer Fire Departments, County Sheriff plus local USFS and DNR offices. Issue information is communicated to CCC members through a newsletter, participation in lake association meetings, and through this web site.