The Dane County Timebank is a network of Timebanks in Dane County, both neighbor-to-neighbor and program-based. We are working to replicate various Timebank models in local organizations and communities, and using Timebanking to link those communities and programs in ways that broaden the resources available to everyone — building community ties and community self-sufficiency.

Timebanking is based on a philosophy that our communities work better when all of our contributions are valued. It rejects the notion that we belong in separate classes of ‘givers’ and ‘receivers’ and establishes a way to value and reward all types of work — caring for our children, elders, and others who need it, building community, helping out our neighbors.

When you need something like minor home repair, child care, companionship, an exercise buddy, whatever — call the Timebank coordinator and ask. The coordinator will set you up with a neighbor, who has had an interview and reference check like every other Timebank member, who can help you. After the neighbor helps you the coordinator deducts one Timebank credit per hour of service (or Time Dollar) from your account and adds the same number of Timebank credits to your neighbor’s account. You can earn back the credit by helping anyone else in the network. You can also accumulate a few debits before you need to pay them back. It’s easy to ask for help when you need it!