Who we are: Earth Action Network [EAN] was founded in 1989. We are a non-profit, environmental/social justice organization dedicated to the prevention of Earth-damaging developments.

Additional benefits to YOU for participating will include:

– Increased self-esteem from the good feeling that comes from doing something to help heal our planet.

– Improved awareness and understanding of important environmental and other issues.

– Interesting reading in your mailbox when you start receiving replies to many of your letters.

The Network was conceived in 1989 when Dr. Mha Atma Singh Khalsa, a Los Angeles chiropractor, decided he needed to do more than just heal his patients. He wanted to do something to help heal our planet. He read in an activist guidebook that a single letter on an issue received by a government or private entity was considered to represent the views of 100 to 1000 voters or consumers. So he began writing letters to elected officials, corporate presidents, and other influential people based on the information in the many newsletters and reports that he received from the many environmental and social action organizations of which he was a member.