Fishers For Conservation Inc. (FFC) is an Australian based non-profit incorporated association educating, supporting and representing recreational fishers.FFC is about educating and keeping you informed about conservation issues and acting to ensure that our amazing aquatic environment is protected for us and future generations to appreciateFishers For Conservation supports sustainable fishing and protection for marine, freshwater and coastal environments. It is our experience that the vast majority of recreational fishers have a strong appreciation for the beauty and value of the places they go fishing. The FFC was formed to educate and inform recreational fishers of the need to protect our fragile environments to ensure that today’s and future generations can enjoy the experience of fishing, sustainably, responsibly and with care.


i) To conserve natural environmental and ecological processes to ensure the future of sustainable recreational fishing.

ii) To promote the understanding and protection of natural ecosystems with particular regard to marine, coastal and catchment environments.

iii) To educate recreational fishers and others regarding the benefits of environment conservation and sustainable fishing practices.

iv) To undertake research related to the objects of the association.