Formerly the Gender, Justice, and Human Genetics program of the Center for Genetics and Society, GENERATIONS AHEAD works with a base of social justice leaders and organizations to address the concerns raised by new human biotechnologies. The organization is building a national, multi-movement coalition of membership organizations to inclusively advocate for socially just and responsible uses of reproductive and genetic technologies. Staff work with advocates for reproductive health, rights, and justice; human rights; disability rights; LGBTQI rights; and racial justice, as well as other constituencies, to frame and develop an intersectional, multi-movement approach to address these issues.

Generations Ahead became an independent organization on January 1, 2008. Staff include Sujatha Jesudason, Executive Director; Marina Ortega, Associate Director; Jamie D. Brooks, Project Director; Emily Galpern, Project Director; and Linda Puffer, Program Associate. The Board is led by Crystal Plati, Chair, and other Board Members are Alison Kafer, Le’a Malia Kanehe, Jackie Payne, Dorothy Roberts, Josef Tayag, Hina Shah, Silvia Yee, and Miriam Yeung.

For more information, contact Linda Puffer at 1-510-832-0852.