Gofora’s ShowCase advertising campaign begins on 9-18-08,show casing the Arc of lane County, So this is a great time to get in andestablish your Non Profit FundRaiser or Business Sponsorship.

It’s fast, simple and there are no upfront fees.  Only very smallcommissions from 1.5% to 7% paid upon final sale and shared proportionallybetween the seller and the Non Profit in relation to the percentage donated.

From the part-time volunteer to the seasoned professional fundraiser, withGofora.com FundRaisers, you and your non-profit organization can harness therevenue producing power of online auctions, with fewer volunteers, and with noup-front costs.

Gofora.com FundRaisers provide a complete web-based auction and managementsystem for fundraising and offer a secure online website, so that people candonate to your worthy cause around the clock – all you need is a non-profit taxID and a PayPal account. Your volunteers do not have to gather, organize, orship donated items. Instead, donors simply create their own ad or auctionlistings, designate what portion of the sales proceeds are to be donated toyour organization, from 10% up, and sell the items as usual. When the itemsells, the transaction is taken care of automatically, including the donation.PayPal will transfer the funds as designated and Gofora.com will send outthank you” notices