Who We Are

The International BioPark Foundation is dedicated to re-establishing the natural balance that best supports the life of our planet by honoring the interdependent nature of the relationships of all life forms and re-educating humanity to the unique responsibility that we share in this endeavor.

A BioPark is a living interaction of the seen and unseen worlds that constitute our reality; a dynamic interactive place where life evolves.

The IBF has been established to interpret the role of reptiles in the history of the Earth, to strengthen human understanding of their importance, and to aid their survival in a rapidly changing world and thus insure their future.

It begins with a reexamination of the past. In light of much new information from both exoteric and esoteric sources we will start to reinterpret how we have viewed the past. This in turns allows us to have a different and better understanding of what is going on in the present. This new knowledge leads to a reinvigoration of our life in the now and a rededication to find the truth behind all of the facts. Finally it allows us to become better prepared for the future that awaits us as are now able to redefine the reality we are striving for.

The International Biopark Foundation brings a Virtual Biopark to your home or classroom via the Internet. We will look at reptiles of the New World from Canada, the farthest outpost of reptiles and amphibians in the North and the terminus of The Realm of the Rattlesnake”