About us

Jubilee Debt Campaign, demand an end to the scandal of poor countries paying money to the rich world. We are calling for 100% cancellation of unpayable and unfair poor country debts by fair and transparent means.

The world’s most impoverished countries are forced to pay over millions of dollars EVERY DAY to the rich world in debt repayments, while poverty kills millions of their people. Meanwhile, creditors use their power over indebted countries to force them to privatise their services, open up their markets or cut essential spending.

Together we can change this. Already, campaigner pressure has forced rich countries to cancel some debts. But more needs to be done

JDC is a coalition of local/regional groups and national organisations. Our focus is on changing UK government policy on debt, including to ensure that the maximum influence is brought to bear on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund [IMF] – on whose governing bodies the UK is represented. The work of the Coalition is co-ordinated by a London-based Secretariat under the strategic direction of an elected Board. Local/regional groups and national organisations are equal partners in the coalition, both when it comes to campaigning and as regards policy and direction. Jubilee Scotland – a separate entity – has a reserved place on the JDC Board.