Local Exchange and Trading System is a self-regulating economic network in the Hamilton area that allows its members to create and sustain a local currency in order to promote economic equity, respect and cooperation among community members.

Our vision is to create opportunities for people who want to participate in the local economy and to strengthen our community through building positive relationship and increasing local control over our wealth.

LETS core values are:

* Integrity – to work with integrity (honesty, reliability and trustworthiness) to encourage community development

* Respect – to respect others, by valuing their skills, contributions and opinions

* Collaboration – to build ongoing relationships within our community

* Equity/Inclusiveness – to recognize, honour and value the diversity of our community

* Accountability – to act in an open, responsive and responsible manner

To fulfill our mission, we will:

* create and maintain a community based economic system

* encourage self-determination in the community

* help people survive economic uncertainty and help in their empowerment

* strengthen the economic power and improve the quality of life of members

* promote the use of members’ talents and skills

LETS is a barter system dedicated to the exchange of goods and services. The system is based on trust, goodwill, and mutual benefit and its mandate is to improve the economic, social, and environmental health of the Hamilton Area. The green dollar is the official currency of LETS. A green dollar is equal in value to a Canadian dollar for use by LETS members within the system.