The New World Foundation wishes to promote race and gender equality in the work it supports. To this end, we are interested in seeing constituencies served by grantees represented on their staffs and boards. When this has not yet been achieved we are interested in seeing progress in implementing a concrete developmental plan aimed at achieving such representation. In instances where there are sound reasons [e.g. geographic, purpose] for not moving in this direction, we are interested in seeing evidence of work with others [e.g., coalitions, campaigns] which promotes inclusion and equality in progressive movements for social change.

New World Foundation will complete its fifth decade of grant making in the year 2004.  As we continue our work, we expect the new millennium to be a time of continuing significant transition for America, a search for new directions, a battle between the past and future, between the politics of fear and hope.  We see the strengths of progressive ideals and committed activists, who every day are inventing democracy and extending its boundaries.  But we also know the strength of reaction, inaction, and injustice in blocking democracy’s advance.  Our work and our tradition is to tip the balance, to add resources to the side of justice, to widen the channels for participation, and to ensure that another generation will see by example how they can make a difference.  Throughout, our work aims to remind older generations and educate younger ones that here in America people must continue to struggle for freedom and justice.