Location: Norwich, United Kingdom
Issue Areas: Animal Welfare and Rights, Lagomorphs, Rodents

The Norwich Animals Charter disbanded in 1994. By this time, the group felt its objective of setting up a charter for animals with the City Council had been realised and the founder felt more emphasis should be directed to supporting the Norwich & Mid Norfolk branch of the RSPCA.

The group holds various fund-raising activities throughout the year to raise much needed cash to support local and national animal rights causes.

We are totally opposed to all forms of:-


Although hunting with dogs has now been banned, some hunts continue despite this legislation. ‘Huntwatch’ monitors and liaises with the police to secure prosecution against those who continue to hunt our wildlife.


eg. Xenotransplantation, animal experimentation and any form of animal abuse and exploitation for the furtherance of science, including the testing of drugs, chemicals, cosmetics and other consumer products.

Factory farming eg. intensive forms of meat, poultry, milk and egg production.

Animal breeding for the purpose of supplying to the fur trade:

vivisection laboratories, science and medical education establishments, pet shops and for the supplying of livestock for the encouragement of bloodsports such as shooting.

Animal exploitation:

eg. the training and use of animals in circuses, zoos and aquaria, greyhound racing, horse racing and other such exploitation of animals in places of public entertainment, including television advertising.

Animal cruelty of any kind:

eg. to all farm animals, horses and other equines, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, all other small rodents and birds.