Aims & Objectives

1. The main aim of NRITYANJALI ACADEMY is social awareness through cultural activities and cultural heritage.

2. Regularly train the young ones in various forms of dance, music and drama.

i) To inculcate interest in the students and young ones for dance, music and drama by giving shows in schools, colleges and public shows in the country and out side the country.

ii) To conduct Holiday / Summer coaching camps in order to personally involve the students in dance, music and drama.

iii) Bringing in sponsors to present shows on stage involving the students trained in coaching camps.

iv) To conduct demonstrations and lectures on Dance music and drama by eminent personalities to the upcoming students.

v) To take the students (selected few) to the different festivals conducted by Government of India in order to expose the students to the various festivals conducted by the Government.

3. Educate the people on the social and national problems we are facing, through dance, music and drama (ballets, folk dances, street forms, musical features etc.,)

i) To select the burning topics and themes of social and national problems with the assistance of concerned social organizations and other departments.

ii) To gather a team of like-minded and committed professional artists.

iii) To come out with the different creative ballets and dances in folk and classical forms for the selected topics after lot of discussions, organizing, practice and meaningful hard work.

iv) To present the above dance ballets to the schools and colleges, street masses etc.

v) To carry-out research works in rural areas on folk forms.

vi) To carry-out research work in classical music and dance form.

vii) To give stage performances of national and social importance with the help of sponsors.

viii) To associate our activities harmoniously with the other social organizations, Forest Department and Cultural organizations and environment department, activities which are directly involved in solving the National Problems.

ix) To involve ourselves in not only giving shows but also in distributing the posters, stickers of wild life, plants, etc., and also involving the people in plantations.

x) To establish a school of dance and music, which upkeeps the standard of our National Heritage of dance music.

4. To create a dynamic workshop which inhales the social or national problems and exhales creative, innovative, presentable and implementable solutions in the most respective forms of drama, dance, ballets, street form, stage forms, folk forms, musical features etc.

5. To conduct and organize education programmes, Non-formal, formal, functional, experimental, social and others for children, adults and women.

6. To conduct and make available health programmes of all kinds including health camps, health education, population education, family welfare, preventive and social medicine, first aid, medical facilities etc.

7. To provide other welfare facilities like free housing for the needy, clean surroundings, drinking water, hygiene, recreation, entertainment, reading rooms, libraries etc.

8. To provide legal aid and consultation to the poor.

9. To develop and propagate the use of appropriate technology, use of alternative sources of energy like solar energy, bio-gas, wind and other energies.

10. To promote social consciousness and social equality. Social and national integration, social out look in people and instill in them spirit of self-disciplene sacrifice, self-respect etc.

11. To eradicate social evils like untouchability, dowry, casteism, child marriages, irrational beliefs, faiths, superstition and develop scientific temper and spirit of inquiry in people, to impart and promote scientific, secular, democratic, cosmopolitan and human out look among people.

12. To conduct youth programmes of all kinds, to promote leadership for community activities, to train the youth in skilled and semi-skilled jobs suitable for outside and self employment opportunities available, to org anise service, study and training camps for students and non-student youth to promote rural sports, cultural, literacy recreational and other activities to take up reformation and rehabilitation of criminals destitutes etc.

13. To conduct programmes of all kinds for the welfare of children, to run halwades, mid-day meals, nutrition and other programmes, health care, education and programmes for a healthy development of the child mentally and physically to run orphanages and other institutions.

14. To conduct programmes of all kinds of women education in mother and child care, nutrition, home sanitation and hygiene, population education, family welfare and other programmes, to conduct training for self employment jobs, handicrafts, tailoring lace making etc.

15. To conduct programmes of all kinds for aged persons physically handicapped and mentally retarded.

16. To conduct and org anise research programmes, to conduct surveys, bulletins, periodicals and other materials.

17. To conduct public meetings, seminars, symposia, work-shops, discussions, debates, demonstrations, exhibitions, cultural programmes, film shows, to give programmes on radio, television, and press etc.

18. To coordinate with individuals, voluntary organization, government agencies, banks and other institutions engaged in rural development activities, to help organizations, individuals working in rural areas, to execute and implement schemes through other organizations, to provide guidance and consultation to individuals voluntary organization and government agencies engaged in rural development.

19. To organist training programmes, orientation programmes, refresher courses etc., for individuals and institutions engaged in rural development work.

20. To conduct academic courses in any of the above fields of activity.

21. To establish aid, maintain and manage institutions that undertake any of the programmes mentioned above.

22. To do all any of the above activities and programmes in urban areas.

23. To do all such act, activities and programmes which are necessary for the attainment of the objects of NRITYANJALI ACADEMY.

24. (a) To take-up television serials and tele-films and readymade audio and video cassettes on social awareness problems.

(b) Above project will be taken-up with help of other voluntary and government and non-government organizations.

(c) To expand the activities in other districts in the form of branches.