Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Issue Areas: Community Service/Volunteerism

Purpose Statement

Elderly Affairs (EA) Committee is the primary organization ofPhillips Brooks House Association for serving Boston- andCambridge-area senior citizens. We currently have four programs: VernonHall Nursing Home Visitations, 1-2-1 Matchups, Alzheimer’s Buddies forthe Arts, and Geriatrics Interest Group-EA. All programs are differentin scope and meeting time, so if you are interested at all in workingwith the elderly, then please contact 2007-08 Co-Directors Niraj Nathan(nnathan@fas.harvard.edu), Katie Grosteffon (kgrostef@fas.harvard.edu),and Kevin Zhang (kyzhang@fas.harvard.edu). We hope that ourintergenerational program will allow students to benefit from thewisdom and experience of senior citizens while the elders receive thetime, care, and enthusiasm of the students.