RBCU–SB was founded in 1994. It has as a major objective the protection of the Great Bustard and Little Bustard. It has 81 members. The Saratov oblast contains the largest population (approximately 7,000 birds) in Russia of the Great Bustard (Drofa in Russian). Russia’s population of the Great Bustard is the second largest in the world after Spain.

RBCU–SB cooperates with Saratov State University’s Faculty of Biology and with zoos in Germany, England and Hungary in protecting important species like the Bustard. It offers a one-week summer ornithological camp and a winter ornithology school for pupils. The latter includes a Christmas registration of birds in cooperation with the Ecological Education Center of the Saratov Oblast. RBCU–SB participated in the World BirdWatch 95 and produced two educational videos: Steppes of the Saratov Oblast” and “Summer Ornithological Camp School.””