Save the Wild UP is a Marquette-based, grassroots organization with deep concerns about the economic, social, and environmental impacts of nonferrous mining. Save the Wild UP + Action is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


History shows great inequities between the outsiders that benefit from this type of mining and the locals that bear its long-term costs. We question whether metallic sulfide mining is a “good deal” for Michigan for many additional reasons including: * Untested rules and legislation * A history of health risks and environmental impacts * The potential for multiple mines and changes to our UP lifestyle * Michigan regulatory and enforcement manpower shortfalls and budget issues * Risks of long lasting or permanent degradation of Michigan’s most valuable resource, our waterWe believe our role is to bring a broad spectrum of experts to the debate, to facilitate distribution of their message, to collect links to web sites and articles on metallic sulfide and uranium mining appearing in the press and post them on our website, and to assist other organizations in opposing what appears to be a clear and present danger to the quality of life in Michigan and the economic future of our community.Whether it be at the proposed location at the headwaters of the Salmon-Trout River north of Marquette or elsewhere in Michigan, we are convinced that metallic sulfide and uranium mining is bad for Michigan’s environment, its economy, and the health and well-being of our residents and visitors.


Membership is open to all who desire to help Save the Wild U.P. and contribute money or provide services, sign up for Internet alerts on this website, and protect the quality of our environment and the permanent economic base of our economy by opposing this experimental, historically risky, metallic sulfide or uranium mining.