Sharkproject is one of the largest international shark protection organisations. With over 100,000 visitors a month, the Website is the most frequently visited shark website in the world.

A lot of organizations and initiatives revolve around shark protection and conservation.

The Vision

Main objective of the organisation is the protection of sharks for ecological reasons

Annually, between 100 and 200 million sharks are killed around the world; a depletion of the marine eco-system that the sharks are defenceless against. Late maturity, long pregnancy times and sparce offspring, make sharks an easy victim of over-fishing or targeted shark hunting.

The threatened extinction of many shark species is no longer fiction but grim reality. As sharks have been at the top of the ocean’s feeding chain for 450 million years, their disappearance will inevitably lead to an ecological disaster in the seas. A study carried out by Dalhousie University in Halifax shows a dramatic decrease in the number of different shark varieties in the North Atlantic.

Government agencies and protection legislation react too slowly – and this is why the general public must act. But the general public is not reacting.

The Strategy

The general public is not reacting to the need for protection because the general public is afraid of sharks. This fear gets in the way of the necessary protection of these animals. “Who would want to protect something they fear?†This human attitude is the main obstacle to the formation of an effective lobby group for sharks.