Smart Growth is a collection of urban development strategies to reduce sprawl that are fiscally, environmentally and socially responsible. Smart growth is development that enhances our quality of life, protects our environment, and uses tax revenues wisely


Smart Growth BC is a provincial non-governmental organization devoted to fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible land use and development. Working with community groups, businesses, municipalities and the public, we advocate for the creation of more livable communities in British Columbia

Smart Growth BC was created as a joint project of the University of Victoria Eco-Research Chair of Environmental Law and Policy and West Coast Environmental Law Association. The smart growth project aimed to nurture and mobilize a growing citizen movement addressing growth and sprawl issues around the province, and to provide sound alternative policy solutions to these issues. Smart Growth BC was incorporated as an independent non-profit society in December 1999, and received federal charitable status in January 2002.

We work with communities to:

Avoid urban sprawl by promoting compact human settlement that avoids unplanned growth and ensures efficient development

Minimize the use of cars by encouraging walking, bicycling and public transit

Protect the ecological integrity of urban and suburban areas

Maintain the integrity of a secure and productive agricultural land base

Promote adequate and affordable housing

Preserve, create and link urban and rural open space

Promote alternative development standards

Ensure an early and ongoing role for citizens in planning, design and development processes