Soular Scenes is a mobile platform for people (both on stageand off) to exhibit, employ, and witness green practices in three distinctfields: technical theater, solar powered technologies, and performanceproduction. A lightweight portable solar system and professional artists powerSoular Scenes. This mobile prototype delivers professional artists andsustainable themes to the North Minneapolis Community and the Atlanta Beltline.Soular Scenes will build an annual twelve exhibition series in Minneapolis. Inconjunction, this solar stage prototype will wrap an annual sister exhibitionseries around the Atlanta Beltline audience with six exhibitions in the falland spring. It is our intent to deliver the project to the audience of twospecific communities in Northern Brazil, Salvador Bahia.

 As the home of SoularScenes, North Minneapolis has a strong community network that actively seeks toeliminate the challenges of low employment rates, violence, and health issues whileprovide access to educational opportunities at every level. While these areinterwoven with community strengths, the Soular Scenes project focuses on greeninitiatives, STEM education, employment training placing professional artistscenter stage together with distinct sustainable themes.

Soular Scenes is a hybrid organization founded to deliveraccess, training, and artist/audience engagement on the topic of sustainablepractices at work in our community while delivering three distinct messages.

  1. “We don’t have to leave our neighborhood to live in a good one”- Majora Carter.

Sustainable practices pertainingto power consumption are not out of our community’s abilities. Environmentalimprovement requires access to green jobs across the cultural spectrum andmultiple opportunities for people to make meaningful contributions to allow forpersonal and public success.

  1.  Technology alonecannot save our environment. Rather, technology coupled with the concentrated effortand wisdom of community members to reduce/replace consumption of power can beaugmented through artistic  and communityengagement.
  1.  Artists,scientists, students, and community members can contribute to these objectivesin a     

 measurableway in concert with a popular environmental movement. Soular Scenes provides             

                accessto solar training and green technical theater practices. In addition, thisinitiative seeks to

                reducehigh power consumption found in the entertainment industry and community throughthe

                realizationof this green professional venue.