The Synergy Energy Summit is a networking forum designed tospread awareness of sustainability, energy models, banking, financing, socialmedia, advertising that provide solid opportunities to the ones thatparticipate in the forum. The Synergy Energy Summit provides solutions,platforms, and education and thought principles in the following areas:

Energy, sustainability, renewable energy, solar, wind,hydropower, turbines, solar panel, electricity, hydrogen, efficient,alternative energy, geothermal power, fuel cell, desalinization, tidal power,wave power, absorption cooling, heat, thermal, waste, onsite, water,conservation, hybrid, steam, thermodynamics, biomass, carbon, technology,synergy, summit, gray water, water, h20, sustainable, pump, boosters, ppa, kwh,mwh, meggawatt, giggawatt, kilowatt, reduce, environmentalism, reuse, blackwater, power purchase agreement, carbon trading, energy commodities, refrigerant,chillers, advanced renewable technologies, green careers, green tech, cleantech, pumps, submersible pumps, urban green, USGBC, LEEDS, Organic Farming,waste to energy, gasification, automation, robotics, thermodynamics, clean coal, natural gas, nuclear power, GreenDesign, mechanical engineering, plumbing engineering, electrical engineering,rain water collection, water treatment, micro-grids, smart buildings, smartgrids, metering, energy audits, accreditation, continual professionaleducation.

We specialize in providing these resources in our networkingevents that are proven with industry experts, utilities and governmental bodiesto ensure success in all worlds of energy development, sustainability andprocurement. We only bring the most successful financial, construction experts,consultants, manufactures, real-estate developers into this sphere of influenceto create results.

The design of these events are catered to global and localfirms looking for the solutions needed to drive development, sustainability,and green tech projects. We place added market research of intertwining theattendees with people that would benefit from working among each other fromdifferent principles and fields. Cross selling services and blending socialmedia placement are enhancements to these events that market and promotesustainability and energy platforms.