Talking Conservation is an Environmental Communications and Advocacy consulting group in Portland, ME headed by Peter Alexander.  Its main focus is to provide resources, tools, and training to assist environmental and conservation organizations reach and engage broader constituencies–in other words, help them get past preaching to the choir.  Peter brings a broad range of skills and experience, from fundraising to board development, based on having run several education and advocacy organizations (including the New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution, the Biodiversity Project, and Rebuild New Mexico).  Peter holds an MS in Environmental Studies form Antioch University New England, with a focus on advocacy and organizing.

In 2010 Talking Conservation partnered with the Gulf of Maine Council o the Marine Environment to publish the US Gulf of Maine Habitat Restoration and Conservation Plan (, a $20 billion needs assessment for the 3-state watershed (ME, NH & MA).  Advocacy for Congressional implementation of that plan is on-going.

Parallel to that effort the organization is working to develop a body of public opinion research to inform strategic communications by environmental and conservation organizations working the three state region that comprises the Gulf of Maine.