1) Contribute to the conservation and wise use of tropical rain forests by generating knowledge and developing methodologies.

2) Involve and strengthen local research institutions and capacity in relation to tropical rain forests.

The Tropenbos-Guyana programme (TGP) carries out multi-disciplinary research with the objective of developing guidelines for sustainable forest management and conservation. Its activities started in 1989. A large number of partners from within and outside Guyana contribute to a varied and multi-faceted programme, straddling disciplines like biology, physical geography and anthropology. Geographically, the TGP focuses on the Mabura Hill area in central Guyana and the Northwest Region of Guyana. From its onset, the TGP has had a strong focus on the exploitation of timber, particularly Greenheart (Chlorocardium rodiei) and its consequences on water, nutrients, plants and animals. More recently, the relationship between Amerindian communities and the forest, and the consequences of logging and mining on their livelihood has become a major additional focus on the TGP.