We`re a resource that you can come to for information and, most importantly, a place you can come to take action. The True Food Network is a free service to connect consumers who want to take action to end the use of genetically engineered [GE] ingredients in our foods. The Network calls on food companies, like Safeway and Shaw`s, to stop using GE ingredients in our food. By joining the Network you will be connected to thousands of other consumers from across the country who are saying no to the biotech industry`s secret experiment with our food supply and saying yes to sustainably grown food.

The True Food Network has been integral in many companies in the US going GE-free, including the first mainstream supermarket in the US, Trader Joe`s, in 2001. By joining together, the Network has the power to force change we could never create alone. By joining the Network you will be adding your voice to a growing movement to stop the genetic experiment!

True Food Network Campaigns:

* Safeway

* Shaw`s

* DIY Supermarkets Campaigning

* Wheat Watch

* Crop Prevention