The UK Food Group [UKFG] is the leading UK network for non-governmental organisations [NGOs] working on global food and agriculture issues. Our vision is a world in which hunger has been banished by food security. To this end our work seeks to promote sustainable and equitable food security policies; to balance corporate power by providing a public interest perspective to issues affecting global food security; and to strengthen the capacity of civil society to contribute effectively to international consultations on food security.

We represent more than 30 development, farming, consumer and environment organisations, drawn together by a common concern for food security. Our work is based on the simple principle of co-operation: together, members maximise their impact by pooling their expertise, sharing experiences, co-ordinating their work and operating collectively.

Our diverse membership brings a dynamic, holistic perspective to food and agriculture issues: an understanding of food security related to a more just and equitable sharing of global resources; fairer terms of trade; a concern for production of food in a sustainable manner, avoiding chemical fertilisers and pesticides, loss of habitat and biodiversity and environmental or genetic pollution; the importance of safe, healthy and affordable food; and a food industry which is effectively regulated and publicly accountable.

Our key objectives are:

to advocate sustainable and equitable food security policies to policy makers, civil society organisations, the private sector and the media;

to raise awareness of the impacts of globalisation on global food security;

to document and communicate the impact of food and agriculture transnational corporations on food security, sustainable agriculture, environmental quality and community sustainability;

to document and communicate positive examples of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable agriculture and local food systems;

to increase the capacity of the UKFG membership to collaborate with civil society organisations North and South and thereby contribute effectively to the development of UK, European Union [EU] and international policies affecting global food security.