The Forage Systems Research Center was established in 1965 when the University began leasing land from the Cornett family. The 1,200-acre farm was donated in 1981 upon the death of the last Cornett family member.

The primary research objective is the development and evaluation of forage systems for all classes of beef cattle. Researchers conduct grazing studies with cow-calf pairs, weanlings and yearling steers and heifers. The interactions of cattle, plants and soil are necessary in understanding cause/effect relationships in beef/forage systems.

Reproductive efficiency, milk production and liveweight gains are indicators of animal performance; while forage establishment, productivity patterns and use and persistence are of agronomic interest. FSRC’s international reputation as one of the outstanding forage-livestock system research centers attracts visitors from around the globe each year.

Pioneering research on forage.beef systems ecology has received significant recognition from the Missouri Department of Conservation, the USDA and the National Center for Appropriate Technology.