Can you imagine a tax you don’t have to pay?! Totally voluntary!

Or a tax that you can decide to pay just half? Or a quarter?

A tax where you get to decide what the revenues are spent on?

Where you can decide to help out low-income folks in your community with house insulation? Or help fund a bike trail through town?

A tax where the heroes are those who pay the least tax? … oops, I guess that’s the way corporations today already act!

A tax that you feel good about paying? A tax that assures you a better environment? A more sane foreign policy?

The Voluntary Gas Taxis a campaign that was initiated in November of 2000 by a group ofconcerned citizens in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This campaign grows outof the awareness that the society in which we live relies too heavilyon petroleum products to the detriment of our environment, health, andthe quality of life in our communities. This campaign also reflects aconcern that the price of gasoline and other oil products does notreflect the actual costs that our global community incurs as a resultof our dependence on oil.

Costs of our Oil Addiction

  • Environment costs such as global warming and air pollution
  • Costsof maintaining a stable and inexpensive supply of oil through politicaland military intervention in oil producing regions of the world (Iraq,Colombia, Venezuela, etc).
  • Costs to the health ofourselves and our communities (pollution-related illnesses, lack ofexercise, lack of opportunities to interact with neighbors).

Thiscampaign attempts to start preparing for the future by reversing thenegative impacts of our oil addiction and identifying and supportingsustainable alternatives.

We invite communities around theUnited States (and the world for that matter) to initiate your ownVoluntary Gas Tax Campaign. This website is dedicated to encouragingpeople in all communities to organize a group of people who feelstrongly about this issue and empower them to start taking concretesteps toward a healthier community. There are lots of ways to organizesuch a campaign so we offer our ideas with the hopes that you willtailor them to meet the needs of your own community.

The proceeds of our campaign have been donated to local, national, and international organizations that:

  • advocate for a cleaner environment
  • promote alternative modes of transportation
  • attempt to lessen the negative impact on people who are suffering and dying due to the worldÂ’s reliance on oil
  • somehow work to reduce our societies reliance on petroleum