The website is a non-profit volunteer project focusing on protecting clean, untreated water and restoring tainted water to pristine condition. At the present time, participation in the project comes from organizations and individuals located in the Kootenay region of south-eastern British Columbia in Canada.

For the past two years has served both as a location for the storage of websites relating to water protection issues and as a source for water protection information. Since mid-1999 a small volunteer working group of four individuals has managed the website.

The Watertalk website also contains News, Forum and Reports sections which describe how industrial activity, contaminants and toxins are damaging most water systems across Canada, and around the planet. This damage to water poses immediate and a long-term threats to the global ecosystem and its countless lifeforms, of which humanity is only one. Treatment of water, especially with additives, provides, at best, only a short-term fix” which will sooner or later add to long-term problems.”