Our Mission

WaterWatch of Oregon is a hardworking and effective river conservation organization devoted to restoring and protecting natural flows in Oregon`s world-class rivers and streams.

We work in the courts, state & federal agencies, the legislature and the media to ensure that enough water is left in our rivers to sustain the fish, wildlife and people who depend on them.


Crisis in the Klamath (http://waterwatch.org/programs/restoring-the-klamath/klamath-program):

Find out more about WaterWatch`s work to protect Klamath Basin wildlife refuges, and to restore balance in the Basin.

Free the Rogue (http://waterwatch.org/programs/freeing-the-rogue-river/freeing-the-rogue-river-draft):

In the Rogue Basin,  WaterWatch works to free the lower 153 miles of the Rogue by removing fish passage barriers like Savage Rapids Dam and Gold Hill Dam while also restoring streamflows on the Rogue and its tributaries.

Protect the Deschutes (http://waterwatch.org/programs/Deschutes/land):

The Deschutes is one of Oregon`s most beloved–and threatened–rivers.


Legally Dry (http://waterwatch.org/files/Legally%20Dry%20-%20WaterWatch.PDF)

This report details how Oregon laws fail our rivers. Made possible by a grant from the Mountaineers Foundation.

Refuges in Peril (http://waterwatch.org/files/Refuges_In_Peril.pdf)

This report documents the ecological significance and history of six Klamath Basin refuges and the development of irrigated agriculture in the basin.