West Coast Environmental Law is BC`s legal champion for the environment. Through legal advice, education and advocacy, West Coast provides citizens and organizations with the knowledge, tools and innovative solutions needed to protect our environment and build sustainability locally, nationally and internationally.

Our history

West Coast Environmental Law opened its doors in 1974. And for over thirty years we have been actively promoting progressive environmental law reform in BC and across Canada, helping establish and shape many of our most significant environmental legislative initiatives.

West Coast works closely with our colleagues in other environmental organizations, often playing a leading role in collective efforts to achieve environmental goals. Our priority is empowering citizens to participate in all aspects of environmental decision making.

For almost thirty years, West Coast’s programs have contributed to important changes in law and policy that expand environmental protection and sustainability here in BC, across Canada and around the globe.

Pulp mill regulations, contaminated sites legislation, access to information, conservation covenants, clean air standards for motor vehicles… These are just some of the successes we’ve helped achieve through our focused program work.

West Coast’s Program Priorities

West Coast’s current programs address a variety of today’s most important environmental issues. Working with a broad cross section of citizens, activists and groups, West Coast is leading change on a number of issues critical to our environment and sustainability.

* Climate Change

* Environmental Deregulation

* Forestry

* Land

* Oil, Gas and Mining

* Toxics

* Water

* Urban Growth and Development