Mission Statement:

To facilitate strong, just communities, alternative economies, and ecologically sound businesses, while protecting the well-being of all species and biodiverse ecosystems.

Caribou Habitat/Old Growth Forest Camping Trip!

This summer concerned citizens are organizing research hikes and camping trips in the Incomappleaux, Lardeau and Duncan valleys. The goal is to document some of the last intact stands of old growth interior rainforest that still exist in the many tributaries that make up these vast drainages. Creeks such as McDougle, Boyd, Mohawk, and Johnsonson in the Incomappleaux and Mtn. Goat creek on the Lardeau [ to name a few] are the last chance for old growth dependant species such as Mtn Caribou. If current industrial logging practices continue Mtn Caribou will only exist on the back of the Canadian quarter.

Jumbo Wild!

The Jumbo Valley in the Central Purcell Mountain Range is currently threatened by a mega-ski resort proposal. EcoSociety has been involved in the campaign to stop the Jumbo Glacier Resort development since our beginnings in 1994. Currently, we participate in a coalition of groups in the West Kootenay who are working to protect the ecological integrity of the Jumbo area and Purcell Range. In 2005, numerous events and actions are planned.

Zero Waste

What do we want? Responsible consumption! How do we get it? Through good waste reduction, re-use and recycling programmes and facilities. How do we get there? Lobbying and public education. Currently, the EcoSociety holds numerous contracts with the RDCK and the City of Nelson for recycling services. We are working with the Kootenay Country Co-op and other community businesses to help them reach their zero waste goals.


The EcoSociety sits on the Kootenay Boundary Integrated Pest Management Committee. Our purpose there is to ensure that pesticides and herbicides are not used irresponsibly [or not at all] on public lands.

Preserving Grohman Narrows Provincial Park

AnBay Developments bought a property across the highway from Grohman Narrows Provincial Park just west of Nelson and began bulldozing it in 2003. The development presents numerous threats to the integrity of the Park which is a sweet little wetland that contains numerous red and blue-listed species including the Painted Turtle.

GMO Resistance

The EcoSociety has just started activating around this issue so the committee is young and needs some input. We have some funds to put toward public education so if genetically modified foods scare the living begezus out of you, get involved.