Defending our Heritage, Protecting our Future

The mountain communities of western North Carolina face environmental

threats that can only be met through concerted efforts of their citizens.

The WNC Alliance has established itself as a leader in addressing the

critical issues affecting the future of our region.

Native Forests

The WNC Alliance works to protect our national forests and parks from

abusive commercial logging and development by searching out the last

old-growth forests, opposing the proliferation of high-capacity chip mills

that encourage clearcutting and pine plantations, and promoting ecological

forestry on private lands.

Sustainable Communities

Members and Chapters promote ecologically sound business practices and

development patterns, more livable communities, alternative transportation,

recycling, and conservation of family farms, forest lands, and watersheds.

Mountain Streams and Air

Water quality projects encourage citizen participation in water-quality

monitoring and river stewardship. Studies of local air quality problems have

resulted in the formation of the Mountain Clean Air Task Force.