We are a group of volunteers of all professions, working together to promote environmental awareness to both divers and non-divers alike, targeting at conserving sea lives and the environment.

Knowing each other since 1998 via the Blue Planet web board of www.Pantip.com, many concerned members raised the critical issue of increasing whale sharks slaughtering in India Ocean, The Pacifics and South East Asia. Appalled by the increasing rate of whale shark hunting for the supply of sharks’ fins, these divers and marine scientists took many actions to seek for the protection of these gentle giants.

The initiation of this website followed, and soon after, the legal protection of whale sharks in the Thai sea was announced. It is the website’s aims to bring forward the awareness of whale shark protection and sea life conservations; promoting giant clam protection, underwater cleanups, reef checking, considerate underwater photography, and restraining from having physical contacts with sea animals. Apart from disseminating conservation information, this website is also aimed to be the central of exchange and sharing of knowledge, ideas, current issues and events, underwater photographs, and even used diving gears!

Although whale sharks are in the legal protection, violations of law can go on