We connect the spaces of marine research, diving, volunteer philanthropy, and adventure in two mission-first, for profit social enterprises, Windhorse Lightships Company, and 3Degrees Marine, L3C. Our mission is to support and strengthen the community of nonprofit NGOs that are dedicated to the protection, conservation and restoration of our oceans by engaging people in sustainable scientific field research, education and conservation projects as volunteer research assistants, contributors, and citizen scientists.

We’ll provide the nonprofit NGO ocean health community with tools and funding to facilitate their missions by designing, sustainably building and operating a new fleet of 50 meter, carbon neutral, ocean research vessels designed for volunteer supported projects, and assist the nonprofits with outreach and program execution. We’ll collaborate with the NPs, Foundations, and NGOs in the ownership and operation of these new tools of ocean research and outreach.

Our vision is to create a committed corps of volunteer citizen scientists, conducting ocean health research, conservation and education, supporting it through their philanthropic and volunteer contributions, aboard a worldwide fleet of privately funded, low impact, sustainable, 21st century hybrid research vessels. While onboard, we’ll unobtrusively provide them with the tools, knowledge, and training to take the message back with them and personally spread it through their real and virtual social networks.

Our immediate goal is an 80% reduction in carbon footprint and waste output over existing ocean research/exploration vessels. Our intermediate goal is carbon neutral & zero waste output, and our long term objective is restorative, carbon negative operations leaving a cleaner, healthier ecosystem in our wake.