Wings of Valor, Inc. is a Florida 501(c)(3), Not-for-Profit Corporation whose mission is to be a voice for the impoverished and make a difference in their lives through relief assistance, education, health, and developmental projects.

This small Central American nation has endured 30 years of constant war, poverty and disaster tearing lives apart. The political upheaval and 10-year civil war has left many men, women, and children disabled and abandoned. The GNP per capita of $380 a year has placed Nicaragua has one of the poorest nations in Latin America, second only to Haiti. Devastating earthquakes and hurricanes have destroyed hopes and dreams because the government has no money or manpower to meet the needs of reconstruction.

The people in the remote isolated mountains of north central Nicaragua have been forsaken by most governmental and non-governmental organizations. Only those with extreme dedication and perseverance will make the arduous 7-8 hour journey from Managua over the rough terrain into an area similar to that of the frontier days of the United States. This remote area was severely affected during the civil war and many of its inhabitants continue to suffer mutilations caused by explosions of land mines planted during the war.

These kind subsistent farmers were forced to live and fight a war for their freedom and rights only to be abandoned to live with their scars. Survival is formidable in this impoverished area lacking health care, education, sanitation, transportation, communication, agricultural support, and the basic and essential infrastructure. Many people look down on these voiceless people because of their lack of education, the color of their skin, and for not having the right last name.

Wings of Valor has embarked on a mission of valor to be there for these forgotten people. We are currently focusing our efforts in areas where other organizations will not work. We have chosen the village of San Jose de Bocay located in the Department of Jinotega as our base of operation for our projects. In our missions to Nicaragua we have developed a close working relationship and trust level with the local people.