The Wisconsin Water Association (WWA) is a Section of the American Water Works Association (AWWA). In 2001, the Section changed its name from the Wisconsin Section – AWWA to the Wisconsin Water Association. The WWA’s mission is: “To ensure a safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible drinking water by providing education, timely information, and networking opportunities for our membership and the Wisconsin drinking water community at large.”

WWA Goals include:

• Enhance the WWA educational program by maximizing education and networking opportunities.

• Energize the organization by motivating a high percentage of our members to add their own value through active participation in Association activities and committee functions.

• Actively seek opportunities to partner with other industry organizations to enhance our mission and the value to our membership.

• Reach out to elementary school faculty and students with information about the drinking water industry.

A Board of Trustees made up of volunteer water supply professionals from throughout the state governs WWA. The Board has five officers, one International Director who also sits on the AWWA Board of Directors and four Trustees at Large. WWA also has a Member Services Coordinator.

The purpose of this Web site is to communicate information to our members and outside audiences about the WWA organization and its activities.