WEN is a unique, vital and innovative campaigning organisation, which represents women and campaigns on issues, which link women, environment and health. Formed in 1988, it is a registered charity and membership organisation that depends on its members, donations and limited grant support for survival. Central to WEN’s approach is the belief that women have the right to information to enable them to make fair choices. We also believe a precautionary approach is healthiest for people and the planet.


* To educate, inform and empower women and men who care about the environment.
* To campaign on environmental and health issues from a women’s perspective.
* To enable people to use their consumer power as a force for positive environmental change.
* To carry out thorough independent research to provide clear and comprehensive information that allows people to make informed and educated decisions on environmental issues.
* To offer positive alternatives and provide simple and effective ways to take action.
* To link individual women and organisations to help each other and the environment through the sharing of information and experiences and the creation of strong international coalitions.
* To take and encourage action which prevents harm and enhances our environment.