WORLD COMMISSION FOR PEACE & HUMAN RIGHTS is though relatively new organization for the World Community , but its founders have serving the humanity for long. This two person dream now has become a reality and we have now more than 14000 members world wide who are dedicated to offer their services for the humanity. We are currently working in the fields Peace & Justice, Conflict Resolution , Abolition of War, Abolition of Landmines and Respect of humanity world wide. Back there in Pakistan (Our HQ) we are also working on number of issues. Including:

In form of our schools in Slums, we tend to provide better education for poor & under previlleged children specially girl childs. We also support adult education in our shools.

Our income generating shcemes , tend to benefit the low income families, giving them better living opportunities and living standards. We also provide free legal Aid for ladies.

Our Global Campaigns.

Being a global organisation we continously take stands on almost every global issue where we think the humanity is suffering. Our World Wide Campaign Action Kosovo” was one of most successful campaigns