WRF has been implementing programs in nearly all areas of rehabilitation and through virtually all types of rehabilitation service providers, giving hope and help to people in Lebanon since early 1970s. Our preliminary programs mainly involved training activities and material assistance. Later programs involved both technical and material assistance in all fields of rehabilitation and social welfare.

Our Mission

WRF’s mission is to enable people with disabilities to achieve social integration through rehabilitation. With support from WRF core staff in New York, WRF-Lebanon works closely with teams of consultants as well as concerned others to develop culturally appropriate initiatives that address all aspects of rehabilitation, from treatment through socio-economic reintegration.

Our Vision and Beliefs

WRF aims at addressing the needs and issues related to the prevention of the various forms of disability, rehabilitation, social integration, and social welfare. WRF have carried on this vision throughout the implementation of its programs with no discrimination as to age, gender, ethnic background, religion, political affiliation or geographic origin by:

– Upgrading, mobilizing, and organizing native resources and capabilities

– Empowering those concerned

– Influencing policies and affecting sustainable change

– Developing the spirit and practice of self-reliance and self-sustainability