The World Security Institute (WSI) is a non-profit organization committed to independent research and journalism on global affairs.

Given the extraordinary growth of global interdependence, WSI provides an innovative approach to communication, education, and cooperation on the social, economic, environmental, political and military components of international security.

Through a variety of publications and services, WSI provides news and research-based analysis to policy-makers around the globe – from decision-makers in Washington, D.C., and Moscow to scholars in the Farsi- and Arabic-speaking world to scientists in China. WSI serves as an authoritative and impartial monitor of security issues, while continuing to meet the increasing worldwide demand for information and independent ideas.


The World Security Institute’s divisions, which are distinguished through their broad and international scope and close collaboration with foreign specialists and media, serve to educate the public and policy-makers about U.S. and global challenges, while identifying creative solutions to meet them:

The Center for Defense Information (CDI) provides expert analysis of the various components of U.S. national security, international security and defense policy. CDI promotes wide-ranging discussion and debate within the United States on issues affecting security such as nuclear weapons, space security, missile defense, small arms and military transformation. This work builds on a 30-year tradition of research and publications such as the acclaimed Defense Monitor, numerous books and monographs, and engaging conferences.

The International Media division bridges the chasm of misunderstanding that exists between the United States and the rest of the world by presenting facts, information and a diversity of voices and opinions. Johnson’s Russia List continues to serve as the premier source of English-language news about the countries of the former Soviet Union. WSI’s foreign language information services – Washington Observer (Chinese), Washington Prism (Farsi), Washington ProFile (Russian) and Taqrir Washington (Arabic) – educate audiences across the globe about political, social, and cultural issues in the United States.

Building on the staff’s longstanding expertise in U.S.-Russian relations, WSI’s visionary International Programs began with a satellite office in Moscow. Since then, the World Security Institute has extended its presence abroad in Europe and Asia. These operations, along with programs concentrating on security challenges in areas such as the Caucasus and Cuba, provide vital access to information and personnel around the world.

Azimuth Media, an award-winning, independent division of the World Security Institute, produces groundbreaking work for the general public with its innovative television programs, documentaries and new media investigating timely issues in international affairs. Its current project, the national television show Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria, brings the world’s cultures and societies to American homes, featuring lively studio discussions and foreign perspectives on global events.