We are a small team in Minneapolis, MN USA. We believe we can adapt breakthroughs in visualization technology to revolutionize the way knowledge is collected and organized so that it works better. We are building a web-based enterprise that will cooperatively apply our compiled intelligence to create a new platform for exchange.


Everything is a complex system. But these complex systems are difficult to understand and explain because we communicate in fragments. Our language provides us with only a limited vocabulary to communicate complex knowledge, so we are left without a way to explain the rich interrelationships and complex variables underlying everything important. As a result, we inevitably act without full understanding, never reaching our potential.


We want to build upon the many wonderful examples we already see of people rethinking, reversing, reshaping and re-imagining the world for the betterment of all.


Our solution is to invent a comprehensive systemic framework of understanding that changes everything.


We offer you the challenge of thinking with us, working with us and joining us. We plan to generate a family of efforts that deconstruct and re-engineer the world we were all born into.  The world we are imagining revolves around our shared portal, yworlds.com.  We are introducing a new visual language and search protocol