Yadfon Association is a Thai non-governmental organization based in Trang Province, Southern Thailand, which works with local communities to promote sustainable community management of natural resources, and self-reliant rural people. Our objectives are: To strengthen community leaders & peoples` organizations in coastal fishing villages in Trang in order that communities will be able to manage their own resources in a sustainable manner; To work as a facilitator in coastal fishing communities to promote the protection & rehabilitation of coastal resources such as mangrove forest, seagrass beds and coral reefs through raising awareness about the use of destructive fishing gear/techniques, establishment of marine conservation zones & community mangrove forests, workshops, training and information dissemination; To support community economic well being and improved income generation through supporting alternative income generation projects such as fish cage aquaculture, animal husbandry, and handicraft production; To provide input, analysis and feedback on government policies, regulations, laws and infrastructure development projects effecting coastal fishing communities, and the coastal marine environment; To act as a centre for local, regional and international cooperation and networking by sharing information, facilitating activities, providing training, participating in forums, workshops, conferences, sitting on advisory committees, and hosting visiting groups and individuals. This cooperation effort extents to other NGOs, government agencies, academic institutions, researches, private sector institutions, international development agencies, funders, and the media.