Yorkson Creek drains 20.30 sq. km of land directly into the Fraser River through its 81 tributaries totalling over 35km in length. Yorkson creek also flows by Langley’s largest bog in Derby Reach. The mainstem and its two major tributaries (West Munday and East Munday Creek) flow through the communities of Walnut Grove and Willoughby and provide good fish habitat. Coho and Chum salmon are found spawning in these tributaries as well as Cutthroat and Rainbow trout.

Yorkson Creek Watershed an Endangered Commodity:

The community of Walnut Grove is a relatively new development in the Township of Langley, historically a rural agricultural area, the community has become more urban in character, along with the rapid growth of the Greater Vancouver region. The Yorkson Creek watershed is Langley’s most urbanized watershed. Urbanization can lead to loss of aquatic habitat and species,increase of flood hazards, and decreased water quality. Although much of the watershed has been developed, there still remains an opportunity to protect the watershed’s headwaters, and both maintain and enhance the existing salmon population