and we care about it, becuase it´s our world we´re living in and we can change it. We, Young Friends of the Earth germany are a environmental organisation, that stands up for alternatives and initiates thinking progresses with it´s demands. YfoEG is active in Germany´s federal states, but also troughout Germany and through the network Friends of the Earth Europe it´s connectet to young people from all over the Earth.


is to save the earth! Young Friends of the Earth Germany is campaigning sucessfully for the environment. We fight for non-genetically modified food, an environment free of  toxins, the conservation of nature, a just globalisation and 100% renewable energies. We believe in a positive future, that we can create and define with our commitment.

And that´s what we need you for.


but you can decide on the direction. YfoEG offers you space for your opinion an d your createive ideas. We want to set up projects and actions with you. Take resposibility and decide on our issues and contents.You can organise demonstrations, seminars and congresses, design banners, flyers and websites or  engage in our environmental and nature-protecting projects. About the return of your service you can decide on you own, e.g. with camps where you meet involved young people.


and Young Friends of the Earth Germany is providing you the ideal surroundings for the access to the environmental section. You can easily get active. In working teams on genetic engineering and renewables or as co-ordinator of a project you can learn about effective project management. And with successful press relations you knock up powerfully our politicians. As a member we provide you workshops and seminars in which you get trained in content and learn about methodical working.