Young Friends of the Earth Norway is the biggest environmentalist youth organisation in norway, and the only one committed only to the aspect of environment itself. It consists of around 70 local groups spread throughout the country, each local group working withg environmental issues where they live and are situated. The organisation seeks to be ever up to date on the environmental problems, and the solution to them. Bringing environmental problems to the political agenda, speaking out on what needs to be done and putting pressure on politicians both locally, regionally and on a national basis.

The increasing consumption of resources, combined with the polluting nature of the consumption, is the most prominent cause of the environmental problems we see throughout the world today. The climate is heating up, and Norway – having earned good money on fossil oil – has its part of the responisbility. Climate emission cuts and action must come firstly in developed countries which can afford it. Norway has the potential of being a nation in front, and has the responsibility to become one.

In YFoEN (Nature and Youth), young people may work with the environmental issues they are concerned about – in their home towns, cities and municipalities. The environmental problem is global, but the solution has to come locally – where the pollution is made. The local groups form the basis of Young Friends of the Earth Norway. They again form County groups – whose leaders make up the national board of the organisation. The national board is the highest instantation between the annual general meetings, usually arranged around the start of january.

Young Friends of the Earth Norway is part of the Young Friends of the Earth network, and is an organisation for youth who want to work actively for the protection of the environment and against the threath of global warming.

YFoEN has central work in the following fields: Climate change, fossil and renewable energy, oil and gas, transportation, biodiversity, nuclear and renewable energy in Russia, agriculture, fishery and aquaculture.

Throughout the year, YFoEN arranges national happenings, namely the Summer camp (july/august), General meeting (january) and a national event during the spring (march/april). There are also several regional happenings.