We have been working in the drought prone districts of Mahaboobnagar in Andhra Pradesh and Gulbarga district of Karnataka. Since inception, our activities have been focused on participatory management systems emphasizing on livelihood through natural resources which are crucial for sustainable development of dryland communities. Recurrent droughts leading to conditions of starvation motivated YFA to take up soil and water conservation measures. The area of operation of YFA being the resource-scarce districts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka the activities have stressed on the efficient management of natural resources in an integrated manner to include the watershed management approach, and the strengthening of people’s institutions, owned and managed by women, A holistic approach aimed at optimal use of land, water and vegetation was followed to prevent soil erosion, improve water availability and increase fuel and fodder availability. Development was not confined to agriculture land alone. The entire area under watershed was taken up for development. The various activities undertaken are [I] formation of farm bunds [ii] gully plugging and [iii] afforestation of public and private lands.

Soil & Water Conservation

Water Harvesting Structures

Irrigation development

Dryland on-farm research

development of para-research

and extension leaders

Demonstration of new technologies

such as Tissue Culture, neem product development

Horticulture development


Tissue culture


Grain Banks