Youth for Christ South Africa (YFC SA) – an experienced world-class Christian organisation with passionate staff and volunteers committed to the holistic development of youth and communities.

YFC is a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian youth development agency directly addressing problems and needs of the young people of South Africa. It is controlled by a national board through the national office and operates in 6 provinces and has three training centres in Johannesburg, Magaliesburg and Kwazulu/Natal.

YFC SA runs a number of programs aimed at preparing young people for the future and addressing challenges and problems they face. These programs include shelters of street children, Leadership training, HIV/Aids & Life skill education in schools, Job Creation programs and Edutainment Teams.

In the wake of decades of racial discrimination, South Africa faces several giants that threaten to block the road to economic, social and spiritual recovery. We have the highest rate of urbanisation in the world, high unemployment rate and an HIV/Aids pandemic. Majority of young people live in families where one or more parents may be unemployed, complicating the situation further is the relatively low level of gender empowerment of women in African communities, where inequalities between men and women can lead to abuse of and violence against women.

It is within this extremely challenging context that YFC SA develop and implement interventions which seek to improve quality of lives of the youth and its communities.