About Us

Youth for Conservation [YfC] is a grassroots wildlife conservation organisation. It was established in Kenya by youth who are concerned about their wildlife heritage. They came together and created a forum that safeguards wildlife from snares and poaching, involves the local communities in conservation and prevents habitat loss.

Legal Status:

Youth for Conservation, hereinafter referred to as YfC, is a charitable grassroots wildlife conservation organisation made up of volunteers. YfC was launched in August 15, 1998 and is duly registered under the provisions of the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 1990 section 3[10] of Laws of Kenya as an independent body.

Reason for Conception:

Youth for Conservation was formed to provide a forum that aims to help safeguard wildlife from snares, poaching, cruelty, mistreatment and. exploitation

The organisation received initial funding from the `International Fund for Animal Welfare` [IFAW] in 1999 and 2000. This enabled it to run a co-ordinating office.


Through its younger generation, Kenyans will grow to have a greater understanding and therefore appreciation of their country`s natural heritage.


Working together with the relevant authorities YfC seeks to unite individuals, communities and organizations through activities aimed at protecting and preserving our biodiversity.


Wildlife-Our Future


* Safeguard wildlife by searching and removing snares used by poachers to maim, injure and kill animals.

* Initiate and encourage community involvement in conservation through education and activities.

* Campaign for animal welfare through action, information dissemination and research.

* Cultivate and perpetuate interest in wildlife conservation amongst young people, involving them in conservation activities.

* Raise and disburse funds and other resources for the achievement of the above core objectives.